Over fifty artists show their vision on the concept of sustainability, to stimulate awareness about climate change, CO2 emissions, global warming, pollution and recycling. Everyone can contribute to keep the earth habitable in the future.Young and old, art and science are brought together in this exhibition to highlight the issue from different perspectives.

SustainabilityArt is a broad concept. When the United Nations defined the seventeenSustainable Development Goals in 2015, they realized that the most important global environmental problems were the result of inequality in the world.Overconsumption and overproduction in the West, poverty in the other parts.After all, where poverty prevails, there is no interest in the environment. It was clear that economic growth, social development and environmental protection should be seen in a mutual context. Poverty and starvation were number one and two, while peace and justice conclude the list. Clean drinking water and sustainable energy are in places six and seven, tackling climate change at thirteen. Sustainability is therefore well defined; it is not only about caring for the environment and paying attention to ecological problems, but also about fairness and equality, social development and thinking about the future.

At this exhibition we see works of art that reflect on the protection and restoration of nature, the reuse of raw materials, but also on sustainable growth, the consequences of industrialization and social inequality, especially of theAfrican continent and the European bastion. The artists have often made use of sustainable, degradable or recyclable materials. The sustainability critique also focuses on the art world itself: by pointing out the environmental effectsof art production and the creation of overflowing art depots.

We want to show that everyone can contribute. Although the pebble is still so small, when we contribute with many, a sustainable world is closer than we think.