Programma TU DELFT


25 APRIL – 27 MAY 2019

In order to raise awareness around sustainability at the university the Green Office (the university’s sustainability department) started a collaboration with artist associations Pulchri Studio and Vereniging Amstelland Kunst. As a part of this collaboration the artists have visited the Green Village, further the Green Office has given two workshops. The goal of this collaboration was to create an exhibition which merges two different perspectives on sustainability, engineering and art. The exhibition contains the art works of 22 different artists of which 6 were made in close collaboration with students from the TU Delft. Some of the art pieces are provocative, in the hope of making you think about how you can integrate sustainability in both your academic and personal life. This exhibition is a part of a larger exhibition which has travelled from The Hague, Pulchri Studio to Amsterdam, Amsterdam CBK, now to be exposed in our own library here at the TU Delft. Along with the art pieces you will find photos hanging in the library. These have been made for the Students4Sustainability photo contest. The subject of this photo contest is: “Contrast”.

As engineers we have the ability to shape the future of our society. Currently the Netherlands, together with Luxembourg and Malta, has one of the lowest shares of renewable energy of all EU countries (in 2017). Each EU member state has its own Europe 2020 target. 11 of the EU members already met their targets by the end of 2017. Again, the Netherlands, this time joined by France is the furthest away from their targets. This clearly shows the need for “Climate action”, the university’s dies theme this year.

So take a close look at this exhibition, get inspired, and see what Climate Action you can personally take on. We sincerely hope you will enjoy the exhibition.



Now more than ever the debate about the Energy Transition is receiving attention. Why do we need it? Who is doing what? What can Europe do to enhance it? Speakers from academics, business, politics, media and society will share their perspectives. Not only will they debate amongst each other, time is reserved each round for YOU to ask them all your burning questions.
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The debate has three rounds, with each three statements and is guided by a professional moderator. Keep an eye on this event page for updates on each debate round, speakers and more. See you soon at the Energy Transition Debate.

Students4sustainability Symposium


Open for everyone

Entree: Student – free | Artist (+1) – free | Extern – € 7,50

On 7 May the yearly Symposium by S4S will be held in de Aula of the TU-Delft. The theme this year is “What will a future society look like?”. Interesting speakers and lively discussion promise to make it a great event. You can find information about the different speakers on S4S’s social media.

Extinction rebellion | Lunch lecture


Open for everyone
Entree: free

The goal of The extinction rebellion Talk is to explain the ecological emergency we are in and to empower people to do something about it in a meaningful way. The Talk consists of two parts, the first and more technical one provides a scientific overview of the climate situation by contrasting recently published studies. The second part of The Talk begins  with theory of change, then it explains what extinction rebellion is, its goals and its strategy. At the end of The Talk, audience members are invited to think practically about what they can contribute to make these changes happen and input into community based organizing.

Workshop European Innovation and Technology Raw Materials

22 MAY 2019 13:45 – 16:00 | LOCATION: TU DELFT LIBRARY

Open for everyone (30 persons max)
Entree: free

The separate transport of discarded electric and electronic devices from the organisation, often take a lot of time and effort. In this workshop you will learn how to take on this problem in a smarter and profitable manner.
The workshop will not only touch upon the financial value of old electronics but also the contribution to social and ecological values. This is often important with regard to the corporate social responsibility of your organisation. The workshop is especially suitable for companies that have a lot of discarded electronics on a yearly basis, such as big offices or production facilities.
The workshop gives een overview of the different possibilities. The participant will be encouraged to bring questions or casus from his/her organisation to the workshop.

This workshop is organized as a part of the BusiSource project of the European program “European innovation and Technology Raw Materials (EIT)”. The program has been set up to make Europe more resistant to material shortages, and to make a significant contribution to the competitiveness of the European employment.